CLS people

Complete Lift Service Inc. has been in operation since 1998 and prides itself on providing quality products and services for the Atlanta area.  CLS strives to maintain and improve its level of outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The mission of Complete Lift Service Incorporated is to become one of the most respected independent service companies in the industry. To accomplish this, we will provide the best customer satisfaction in every aspect of your dealing with us.

Our Company

Complete Lift Service is independently owned company, with the industry experience to provide the “service and support” businesses like yours expect and deserve. We have instilled an attitude to never forget that our customers and employees are our greatest asset.

Our Personnel

Our experienced, award winning, factory trained technicians that live the “the customer comes first” work ethic, which delivers service unparalleled in the industry. While the state average tenure for service technicians is 6, Complete Lift Service’s technician average is twelve years. There is no substitute for experience.

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