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Small Business


Complete Lift Service is a SBA certified small business.  We are registered on SAM (System for Award Management) and Georgia’s Team Marketplace.  We participate in E-Verify for employers.

Complete Lift Service is proud to provide both equipment and services to state and local governments since 2009. Our customers include educational institutes along with state and federal agencies.

Forklift Maintenance

CLS Heli dealerForklifts are like cars in the fact they need maintenance. CLS offers forklift maintenance plans including 30, 60, 90, and 120 day options. Preventative maintenance can save a business both time and money by correcting the situation before it becomes a problem.

Give CLS a call and we can help keep your forklift working at maximum capacity.

Owned and operated since 1998.

CLS 770.963.4222 / 706.654.1144

CLSI Services

We will constantly look for greater efficiencies and improved customer satisfaction. We will provide you with the most reliable service for all your material handling equipment. You have our commitment that your interest will never be compromised. At Complete Lift Service we are committed to performing for you.

Complete Lift Service Incorporated has some of the lowest rates in the industry and our qualified technicians are some of the most experienced in Georgia. CLSI strives to provide superior service and quality workmanship.

Fast, Courteous, Professional Service

v Planned maintenance (pms)
v Rentals
v Forklift certification
v Scissor Lifts
v Floor Scrubbers
v Conveyor Systems
v Pallet Rack Sales & Installations
v Levelers and Dock Seals
v Custom Guards for Doors & Walls
v Fabrication and Welding Services

CLS Forklift Certification:

Forklift certification

Did you know that OSHA requires all forklift drivers to be re-certified every three years? The requirements may have a direct impact on general liability or workmen’s compensation payments. If your company has any incidents involving a forklift or forklift operations, your insurance company may be reluctant to pay if your company is not current on forklift certification. Avoid problems in the future by being current on your employee certifications and call CLS for forklift certification today!

When a forklift tips over:

Always wear your seat belt and any restraints your forklift comes with. If your forklift tips over “STAY IN THE TRUCK“. Do not attempt to jump out of the forklift. Brace your feet and brace your hands to the steering wheel. Lean in the opposite direction that the lift is tipping over. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUMP OUT OF THE FORKLIFT.

Know what your forklift is capable of and read the owners manual. Perform a safety check of the forklift everyday. Have your forklift in a preventative maintenance program to find problems before they happen.

United States Department of Labor – Occupational Health and Safety Information

CPYD Warehouse   It is a violation of Federal law for anyone UNDER 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone OVER 18 years of age who is not properly trained and certified to do so, per the United States Department of Labor – Occupational Health and Safety Information.

Please insure your employees are certified and then re-certified every three years. It’s the law and your business could depend on it.

Complete Lift Service

Complete Lift Service Incorporated: Dealers for Heli Forklift. We also sell many makes and models of used forklifts. We can arrange services and or shipments of parts to your facility. CLS offers forklift certification that is industry and machine specific at your location. Discount pricing for multiple students available.

Complete Lift Service Inc. provides rental units and planned maintenance programs. We also repair scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, conveyor systems, dock levelers and dock seals. CLS offers pallet rack sales and installations. We also offer fabrication and welding services.

• Extensive technician training on most makes and models
• Quality forklift service day or night, including weekends
• On-site or in-house repairs
• 24-hour emergency support
• We focus on “fixing trucks right the first time”
• Long term or periodic forklift maintenance plans
• Forklift safety inspections
• Service vans stocked daily for on-site repairs