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CLS Forklift Certification:

Forklift certification

Did you know that OSHA requires all forklift drivers to be re-certified every three years? The requirements may have a direct impact on general liability or workmen’s compensation payments. If your company has any incidents involving a forklift or forklift operations, your insurance company may be reluctant to pay if your company is not current on forklift certification. Avoid problems in the future by being current on your employee certifications and call CLS for forklift certification today!

When a forklift tips over:

Always wear your seat belt and any restraints your forklift comes with. If your forklift tips over “STAY IN THE TRUCK“. Do not attempt to jump out of the forklift. Brace your feet and brace your hands to the steering wheel. Lean in the opposite direction that the lift is tipping over. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUMP OUT OF THE FORKLIFT.

Know what your forklift is capable of and read the owners manual. Perform a safety check of the forklift everyday. Have your forklift in a preventative maintenance program to find problems before they happen.

United States Department of Labor – Occupational Health and Safety Information

CPYD Warehouse   It is a violation of Federal law for anyone UNDER 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone OVER 18 years of age who is not properly trained and certified to do so, per the United States Department of Labor – Occupational Health and Safety Information.

Please insure your employees are certified and then re-certified every three years. It’s the law and your business could depend on it.

OSHA Requirements

Complete Lift Service Incorporated offers forklift certification to companies.  Forklift certification is required to be renewed every three years after the initial certification.  Forklift certification is required for managers, employees and anyone who may operate your forklift.  We offer “Train the Trainer” programs to insure your company is OSHA compliant.  Our package offers printed documentation on the forklift training, certification awards, and a card to carry in their wallet after completing the course.  Forklift certifications are truck and site specific.  Call now for pricing!

Heavy fines for not certifying forklift drivers

Company fined $60,000.00 after forklift accident:

WorkSafe acting executive director Stan Krpan said the man was not licensed to drive a forklift and he was not wearing a seat belt when the accident happened in December 2008.

Both his feet were trapped when the forklift tipped, and one of his feet was later amputated.