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Heli CPCD20-35

Complete Lift can arrange for services at your facilities.  How’s your tires on your forklift?  Is your charger and battery performing to your expectations?  Does your battery or charger need a checkup?  Are you moving from your current location to a new facility and need your building checked for your equipment?  Complete Lift can help with these issues, just give us a call.

Complete Lift Service provides rental units and planned maintenance programs. We also repair scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, conveyor systems, dock levelers and dock seals. CLS offers pallet rack sales and installations. We offer fabrication and welding services.

How’s your tires?

Heli CPCD20-35

It’s summer and it’s time to check your forklift.  The heat of summer can bring additional problems maintaining your forklift.  Have you had your radiator checked and flushed?  Have you changed the anti freeze?  How’s your tires?

The importance of maintaining your tires is critical for both the operator and the load they carry.  Pneumatic tires provide a cushion between the forklift and the floor.  Have the air checked and maintained to insure maximum load capacity.  Insure there are no air leaks and called for service if damaged.  If air leaks are a problem, ask about solid pneumatic tires that will eliminate flat tires completely.  Whether you use your forklift indoors, outside or need to keep the floor clean with non marking tires, give us a call and we can recommend the correct tire for you.

We are offering a 10 % discount on forklift tires during April and May 2012.  Call us for service and mention our internet special when requesting tires.  Take care and maintain your forklift and it will take care of you.